We are a band of brothers and sisters
that want to make a difference in our world.

Though we are part of the larger Church, this is our tribe. We are a people of purpose, a people of community, a people of passion for the name of Jesus and His purposes on the earth. We have a simple philosophy that Jesus came to bring redemption and restoration of human hearts, relationships, and society. As we give our whole lives to Him, He does a work that changes us from the inside-out. His love fills us, transforms us, and we're compelled to minister in the name of Jesus to a dying and broken world by participating in God's plan of restoration and redemption of our world.


Change LA, Change the World.

As we invest in a vibrant, diverse, and influential city, God can change an entire world through it. The question today isn't whether Los Angeles will change and impact our world, but "How will it change and impact our world?" We're giving our lives to see God's Kingdom come in LA as it is in Heaven.


Real Hope. Real People. Real Change.

Jesus is the Real Hope that we're connected to. He allows His people, the Church, to become Real People. Real People means that we don't need to hold up a facade. We can be authentic, vulnerable, integrating and living out God's Real Hope in our lives. Finally, Real Change is an out-pour, an overflow of God's work in us, allowing His true work come through us to others.


In 2012, God birthed a vision through our leaders and mentors from our sending church, Epicentre Church – Pasadena to imagine a church in West Los Angeles. As we discerned and took steps of faith, God led us through a trail of encounters that affirmed this direction.  We started our first Lifegroup at end of September 2012 in an apartment in West Los Angeles. After a running preview services in the winter of 2013, we launched our first public service in October 2013. We are excited to be part of God’s larger movement to impact Los Angeles and the world.