David Audelo Jr.
I've grown and changed because of discipleship. It was people investing in my life and giving me a real picture of what it looks like to follow Jesus. Because of this, it impacted me as a man, and now that I'm married, as a husband for my marriage.
Discipleship made all the difference in my life...
Melissa Rice
I'm usually one who focuses more on acts of service–doing things for God. I wanted to make sure I was doing the right things. At Epicentre, I had a breakthrough where I no longer saw God as a cosmic finger-wagger, but finally experienced God's love. He not only loves me but likes me.
I finally encountered the love of God...
He doesn’t just love me but He likes me.
Epicentre West LA has impacted me in tremendous ways specifically because of the relationships.  I've never had the experience where I could call my  pastor my friend, but here, I feel like I can tell my pastor anything.
I saw my pastor as a friend who I could tell anything...
Church for me is beyond the four walls. It's beyond a Sunday service and beyond a small group. I've learned how to be God's hands and feet, being part of what God is doing in this city.