Our Deeper Discipleship opportunities will take you on a life-changing journey with God.

These classes are for people who want to go deeper in their walk with God. Deeper Discipleship classes are also wonderful opportunities to connect with people in our body outside of lifegroup and Sunday gatherings. Each of our Deeper Discipleship classes progress beyond the classic lecture-based approach to learning and provide a space for teaching, experience, and processing. These 3 ingredients together help people move from simply knowing information to integrating practices into their everyday life. Have a growth mindset— never stop learning and maturing!

Like core foundations, the ESSENTIALS CLASS instill 4 powerful and life-changing practical topics that position God’s people for everyday living. Whether you’ve been a Christian for a day or for decades, you’ll find that our Essentials class will challenge and refresh you, setting you up for a new year of breakthrough.

These class topics include (in no particular order):

  • Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

  • Encounters with God

  • The Person God Uses

  • Love That Changes Everything

Our Essentials Class is offered every Winter at our Culver City office.

listening to teaching


This 4-week course is designed to move the people of God into experience and knowledge of deeper topics that are crucial to their walk with Jesus.

Explore areas of your faith that you may have never considered before or come to be refreshed in your convictions and your relationship with Jesus. You will emerge energized to pursue the Father's heart for you and for those around you and be equipped to live out your faith in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We offer the Launch Class each year in the Fall.


Our newest offering, Activate Class is a 4-week class to serve those who have attended our previous Launch and Encounter classes, as well as those who simply want more opportunities to grow. Activate focuses on actively moving out in your faith through engaging in discipleship, evangelism, and ministry.

Come alongside us as we grow together in what Jesus has for us in Los Angeles. Activate classes run every Spring.